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Pimp up your drinks

MoMe Sir.UP is a delicious collection of dreamy fruit & spice syrups, perfect for any refreshing drink.

From Lemonades to Cocktails, Mocktails or even hot drinks, each cordial is a juicy concentration of carefully sourced and pressed natural ingredients, all without artificial colouring.


Easy to make - Yummy to drink

Our range:









Our flavours:

  • Zesty lemon
  • Strawberry Mint
  • Spicy Ginger
  • Tropical
  • Earl Grey - Hibiscus
  • Green Tea - Jasmin
  • Cucumber

How we got started:

MoMe  is the motherbrand & pioneered Choc-o-lait, the original chocolate on a stick to make a hot chocolate in an authentic way.  As this is a typical winter product, we looked to extend our product range to guarantee production all over the year, respecting our brand essence: handmade and high-level quality.  In our quest for the perfect match with the hot cocoa, we came up with the idea to pimp up drinks with natural ingredients....  and thus, our cordials were born.