Everything started with just a cube of chocolate on a stick


In 2004, the idea emerged of having a cube of premium Belgian chocolate on a stick to dissolve in hot milk and end up with a cup of mouth-watering hot cocoa. About a year later, this unique concept was launched.  Choc-o-Lait takes everything and everyone back to its roots, to the good old times, to that warm and cosy feeling people get when being able to enjoy true craftsmanship.  It turned out to be a true hit… not just in the finer delicacy stores, but also in food service throughout over 40 countries.

Choc-o-Lait kept on surfing this wave, engulfing itself in creativity and enthusiasm, throughout the years.  Our range wasn’t just upgraded, through new flavours, but also sought out broader horizons, by adding new items that all shared the common personality: Handmade & Belgian Quality.


14 years later Choc-o-Lait is more than hot chocolate milk.  Therefore: