MoMe Cordials


Base for homemade limonades! Cheers


MoMe Cordials are a delicious collection of dreamy fruit & spice syrups, perfect for pimping any refreshing drink.

From Lemonades to Cocktails, Mocktails or even hot drinks, each cordial is a juicy concentration of carefully sourced and pressed natural ingredients, all without artificial colouring.

Who it works:

Our flavours:

  • Zesty lemon: An unbelievable bite of the freshest zesty sun ripend lemons.
  • Strawberry Mint: Purely pressed juicy strawberries spliced with a tangy mint kick.
  • Spicy Ginger: A powerfull punch of warm spicy ginger.
  • Tropical: A deep blend of exotic fruit, mango and sumptuous pineapple.
  • Earl Grey - Hibiscus
  • Green Tea - Jasmin
  • Cucumber


MoMe Cordial Video: