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SirUP Earl Grey & Hibiscus


Description: Concentrate made from earl grey & hibiscus. Should be diluted.

Perfect base for cocktails, mocktails & homemade lemonades.

Selling unit: 

  • 1000ml - 35 home made lemonades (1/7 SirUp & 6/7 chilled sparkling water)


  • vegan
  • glutenfree
  • vegetarian
  • recyclable packaging


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SirUP Earl Grey & Hibiscus

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Cocktail: Tropical Spring


  • 45 ml vodka

  • 15 ml SirUp Tropical

  • 30 ml lime juice

  • 30 ml sparkling wine

  • 1 egg white

  • ice cubes

  • 1 passion fruit for the finish

How to make this?

  1. Add the vodka, lime juice & SirUp Tropical into a shaker.

  2.  Cut the passion fruit in 2 and spoon half into the shaker. 

  3. Add the egg whites 

  4. Shake, shake, shake until the egg white turns into foam.

  5. Open the shaker and fill with ice cubes. Shake a second time.

  6. Pour the cocktail into a glass.

  7. Place ½ passion fruit in the center of the glass on top of the cocktail.

  8. Pour the sparkling wine into a shot glass and serve it with the cocktail.


Mocktail: tropical Ale (cfr Jurgen Nobels)


  • 20 ml SirUp Tropical

  • 10 ml lime juice

  • 150ml ginger Ale

  • 8 basilicum leafs 

How to make this?

  1. Add basilicum on the bottom of the glass

  2. Fill the glass till the top with ice

  3. Add the SirUp, lime juice and the ginger ale

  4. Stir gently

  5.  Garnish